Monday, September 18, 2006

I read a friends post a while back about how totally uncreative Arabs can be. The topic was about names of shops and stores and such. You know what am talking about, yeah that titanic saloon, titanic phones, titanic car shop etc….well today I saw my favorite name knock off, it was "Taxi Maki" lol that was too much ;p so what's the sleaziest name rip off you guys know of?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

top 6 reasons why people gain weight in ramadan

1) it’s the season when mothers reclaim they're total control in the kitchen, it's like a cook-a-thon when the ladies compete who's husbands got the bigger karsha wins

2) fear factor: "the more I eat at su7oor the less hungry am gonna be"

3) anything with lots of sugar tastes better in Ramadan

4) even though you cook enough to feed your family three times, you still get even more food from all your neighbors and family

5) girls with some free time spoil you with mountains of homemade chocolate fingers and dessert mixtures of chocolate, baskoot mary and lots of gish6a or whatever ;p

6) hey we can always go to Lebanon in 3eed and get lipo

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Does this world Really Exist ?

A question that could sound absurd and Vague and some will say its silly for not to even read. Yet, think ... what if the world we live in is really not a reality ? what if this world is not physical but we imagine it to be ? Hollywood could give a great help to someone for to depict future and know what could happen. Movies are`nt always written depending on the writer`s imagination.. no it uses more than that ... Lets take an example:
The matrix:

Who didn`t watch that movie ? it frankly says that we live a life that is not real .. and i recall the person eating chicken in the Restaurant when he was making a deal with the agent : ( Holding the chicken in his hands with a fork ) : its wierd.. this chicken tastes real but its not ... What did he mean ?

Another Example


When they tried to to lift off ... The ball just came down and they thought it will disappear and go to outerspace.. but it didn`t .. and the wierd thing is that the pilot said that she was in a trip for three hours ! .. and the tape recorded 3:15 hours .. but when they saw it ... it actually took seconds ... So what happened ?
Subjectively, i think that the world lives inside our heads and its not what we seem to know. Life is understood only if there was matter ... But lets invesitigate matter ... What if matter doesn`t exist? Sicentific experiments prove that (SICENITIFICLY speaking) .. Matter can`t be proven and it cant be said that it exist .. Simply because we have 5 senses .. we interpret everything around us through these senses .. But what if we didn`t have these senses? Could you proof any kind of existance ? .. These movies were based on theories and the new commotion that went around through this theaory specially in NASA .. and the scientific community stood helpless vs Philosphy .. Where it couldn`t explain the most important issue in Human life .. while philosophy had the upper hand ...
Imagine that if this is true .. ( it is more evident than saying we live inside this world SCIENTIFICLY ) A book for Abdo khal called ( الطين) could help alot understanding this issue. What can you do if based your life and action on it ? you can change the world... We use 7 % of our brains ,... Geniuses use 9% or 10% ... Where is the rest ? what if we could use it and unleash some powers that we dont know about? ... how do you think theories of worm wholes came up ? ... In the series Super start galactica .. they had what they called a jump ... where they could vanish in seconds and end somewhere else in seconds..theoratically if based on what we said was true ... ( which is again more evident ) it could happen ... So movies are not always Sci fi ... They are based on theories that really exist and if you believe of not .. here you will know what kind of person you are .. Think about it

Monday, September 11, 2006

I've always supported the U.S and they're so called war on terror. I was very happy to see them kick the shit out of the republican guard in Iraq and capture and imprison those responsible for so many atrocities committed in the past 30 years of Ba'ath rule. I was so fed up with people using Islam as an excuse for them to pursue their own agenda, falsely claiming that if you kill yourself and some kids too, you'll go to heaven. Don’t get me started on the false notion that somewhere somehow "Arab unity" could exist. I don’t believe in your dream Mr.AbdulNasser.
The point is am all for change in the Middle East, starting with the complete abolishment of the Ba'ath party in both Iraq and Syria. But I have a confession to make. Sometimes when I see the images on the tele of what's happening in Iraq these days, I start to second guess my convictions. Hearing stories of U.S soldiers raping an Iraqi woman and killing her entire family including her 8 year old sister and burning them to hide evidence, seeing those British soldiers mercilessly beat on young teenage Iraqi boys, well these things get my blood boiling and I can't help but wonder. Could it have been better if we just let Saddam be what he was? So I choose to turn the channel to Showtime and watch some American TV. I have to occupy my thoughts with something else, afraid that if I watch anymore I might one day find myself using Islam as an excuse, or doing the unthinkable, like calling for Arab unity.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

bums live here