Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Does this world Really Exist ?

A question that could sound absurd and Vague and some will say its silly for not to even read. Yet, think ... what if the world we live in is really not a reality ? what if this world is not physical but we imagine it to be ? Hollywood could give a great help to someone for to depict future and know what could happen. Movies are`nt always written depending on the writer`s imagination.. no it uses more than that ... Lets take an example:
The matrix:

Who didn`t watch that movie ? it frankly says that we live a life that is not real .. and i recall the person eating chicken in the Restaurant when he was making a deal with the agent : ( Holding the chicken in his hands with a fork ) : its wierd.. this chicken tastes real but its not ... What did he mean ?

Another Example


When they tried to to lift off ... The ball just came down and they thought it will disappear and go to outerspace.. but it didn`t .. and the wierd thing is that the pilot said that she was in a trip for three hours ! .. and the tape recorded 3:15 hours .. but when they saw it ... it actually took seconds ... So what happened ?
Subjectively, i think that the world lives inside our heads and its not what we seem to know. Life is understood only if there was matter ... But lets invesitigate matter ... What if matter doesn`t exist? Sicentific experiments prove that (SICENITIFICLY speaking) .. Matter can`t be proven and it cant be said that it exist .. Simply because we have 5 senses .. we interpret everything around us through these senses .. But what if we didn`t have these senses? Could you proof any kind of existance ? .. These movies were based on theories and the new commotion that went around through this theaory specially in NASA .. and the scientific community stood helpless vs Philosphy .. Where it couldn`t explain the most important issue in Human life .. while philosophy had the upper hand ...
Imagine that if this is true .. ( it is more evident than saying we live inside this world SCIENTIFICLY ) A book for Abdo khal called ( الطين) could help alot understanding this issue. What can you do if based your life and action on it ? you can change the world... We use 7 % of our brains ,... Geniuses use 9% or 10% ... Where is the rest ? what if we could use it and unleash some powers that we dont know about? ... how do you think theories of worm wholes came up ? ... In the series Super start galactica .. they had what they called a jump ... where they could vanish in seconds and end somewhere else in seconds..theoratically if based on what we said was true ... ( which is again more evident ) it could happen ... So movies are not always Sci fi ... They are based on theories that really exist and if you believe of not .. here you will know what kind of person you are .. Think about it


Blogger ScarlO said...

Interesting post. Looks like BuTeej's bum society is fruitful after all :-p (sense of humour, m'lord)

I think it is a matter of belief. Trying to prove the existence of life is like trying to prove the existence of God. Okay, that might be a slightly arsed comarison. I'd like to give my own point of view but that will be only paraphrasing what you said & polishing a bit, so I'll just shut up. And what comes to mind after reading your post is plato's allegory of the cave. Perhaps it's irrelevant, perhaps I just miss school ..

and I demand a classic Buteej :-p

8:31 AM  
Blogger Edrak said...

Actually yes there is a big connection with Plato`s Allegory of the Cave ... and according to what you said about Gods existence i Quote Aristotle ( if a leaf fell from a tree and the tree came from earth and etc .. then we can conclude that there was a begining for this end .. ) Plato and Aristotle Beleived of a supreme power and this is evident in their theories .. I mean its been debated for a long time that Plato`s Allegory of the cave sun is eventually the supreme being or in other words God. .

Our society is not a Monarchy .. it`s not a dynasty ...
its a congregation of Creativity and a bit of Dadisim ..
its a Concept that is too Good to be true yet its real ... Being avocative and yet a Bum ...
What the hell am i saying ?

11:17 PM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

haha, whatever you say :-D

and what's buteej's take on this? And the sperm kids, aykay & no3ik?

8:48 AM  
Blogger AyKay said...

Who is no3ik?? i'm not a kid .. i'm probably the most well rounded person in this blog. I'd just like to say that, i'v had this discussion one time too many, and... well... no comment :)

I am superior to all !

2:30 PM  
Blogger Edrak said...

Superior to All ?
As the Food Chain shows that Monkeys are superior to their females ?
or Superior as in a lonely busniess man

3:12 PM  
Blogger La De Da said...

so far, Teej's most impressive.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Edrak said...

So are we supposed to impress ?
Tee jay .. Common man you didn`t say you`re gonna bring someone to praise you up ...
da da delam de or something :P
Bums dont need to impress ..
actually u must impress us ..
yala u can tell us a joke or i dunno do something ;r

2:01 AM  
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