Monday, September 11, 2006

I've always supported the U.S and they're so called war on terror. I was very happy to see them kick the shit out of the republican guard in Iraq and capture and imprison those responsible for so many atrocities committed in the past 30 years of Ba'ath rule. I was so fed up with people using Islam as an excuse for them to pursue their own agenda, falsely claiming that if you kill yourself and some kids too, you'll go to heaven. Don’t get me started on the false notion that somewhere somehow "Arab unity" could exist. I don’t believe in your dream Mr.AbdulNasser.
The point is am all for change in the Middle East, starting with the complete abolishment of the Ba'ath party in both Iraq and Syria. But I have a confession to make. Sometimes when I see the images on the tele of what's happening in Iraq these days, I start to second guess my convictions. Hearing stories of U.S soldiers raping an Iraqi woman and killing her entire family including her 8 year old sister and burning them to hide evidence, seeing those British soldiers mercilessly beat on young teenage Iraqi boys, well these things get my blood boiling and I can't help but wonder. Could it have been better if we just let Saddam be what he was? So I choose to turn the channel to Showtime and watch some American TV. I have to occupy my thoughts with something else, afraid that if I watch anymore I might one day find myself using Islam as an excuse, or doing the unthinkable, like calling for Arab unity.


Blogger ScarlO said...

War is always ugly. You cannot expect a soldier to victoriously build a land over the dead bodies of other human beings. Just as they were able to murder other humans (soldiers?) they can surley rape, kill, burn, or do whatever it is that they want. They go through a lot of stress & they basically feel like crap being away from their family, with their lovely-faced president announcing in his arsed texan accent that 'you will be with your families next Christmas', and how many years have passed so far?

It's a good thing that you care about such things and that such images move you when you watch them. Tiring and exhausting, surely, but it's a good thing that you feel for them. I guess.

Better get some nice books to read. I can recommend you a list if you want :-p

1:41 PM  
Blogger AyKay said...

Congrats on the 1st official posting. Well... I fully agree with you on the "arab unity" B.S. There never was, nor will there be anything like that. Look at the EU, they have something that Abdulnasser i guess would have loved to nitroduced to the middle east, but it will never work, cuz somehow, somewhere someone will f-it-up. I am happy with how they (the US) took out saddam, and I cant really blame them for still being there. They are attempting to control things over there, even though it aint working. But it seems like no one can control those beasts, all the terrorists/murderers etc. Its been three years of hell since iraq was "liberated"... and i think we'r in for a long ride.

Excuse my spelling, i studied in the states:p

2:56 PM  
Blogger buteej said...

scarlo killing is killing but it does not excuse soldiers in a war that kill and rape the innocent civilians, i dnt care how tired or frustrated they are...and yeah so many people got used to seeing horrible stuff on tv that they became desenticied or whatever that it just dsnt mean much to them, so it's good that we dont let ourselves get used to it...
aykay and congratulations to u too yala 3ad naby enshoof ur first post very soon

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