Sunday, September 17, 2006

top 6 reasons why people gain weight in ramadan

1) it’s the season when mothers reclaim they're total control in the kitchen, it's like a cook-a-thon when the ladies compete who's husbands got the bigger karsha wins

2) fear factor: "the more I eat at su7oor the less hungry am gonna be"

3) anything with lots of sugar tastes better in Ramadan

4) even though you cook enough to feed your family three times, you still get even more food from all your neighbors and family

5) girls with some free time spoil you with mountains of homemade chocolate fingers and dessert mixtures of chocolate, baskoot mary and lots of gish6a or whatever ;p

6) hey we can always go to Lebanon in 3eed and get lipo


Blogger No3iK said...

nomber 2, dead wrong
lol experiments proved that the lighter and less u eat, the less hungry u get
and vice versa ;p
so like juice jam and butter or maybe tea would be more than enoug.

and the best dessert the ones with rice crispies butter and mars bars all melted together!! omg!! yummmy

1:48 AM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

I know number five .. the unnamed dish. The one with KDD cream & nesquick chocolate powder? :-D that's the thing to prepare for desperate times, haha you just brought back some bittersweet memories ...

Follow AyKay's 5-to-avoid, and you'll be fine ;-)

6:38 AM  
Blogger ScarlO said...

*yawns* and I should get back to sleep but cant. no3ik you rednosed goat witch

6:57 AM  
Blogger AyKay said...

Thank you for your support Scarlo ;)

9:48 AM  
Blogger do0da said...

wala you should see me last ramadan my Beautiful uni even if in dubai kil ily igdiraw 3alaih ya36oona 15mins naf6er b4 the lecture which was perfectly timed 3ala ilathan soo ya3ni ibthimatkum wain ilwa7id yakil ib hal 15mins fa i used to af6ur 3ala hotdog o awal ma i5ali9 that class soccer practice oo 3ala ma 5ala9 practice akoon mitkaser o u mal akil, ma yubgali ila isu7oor o ikoon subway =P fa kilish none of the above!

12:53 AM  
Blogger Edrak said...

why when i hear Ramadhan i get the feeling that women have this feeling of a scarey phantom coming to get them for their sins and therefore become Fatzilla`s :P

Women, Girls , Ladies ... no matter what you do ... you be FAT
and You will hate yourself
BECAUSE ur gonna be FAT !
u cant help it ... Because ur FAT
Face it ... Who could resist the beauty of the Kanafa ? the elegance of Sugar sipping from 9ab el gafsha ... You are fat
you will be
you must be..

and then if you are
the only positive thing that could happen is that we may accept you as a bum

Aykay.. u have to stop going to the gym
bums dont play sports
ok bay ?

1:59 AM  
Blogger AyKay said...

Tabarak, WOOHOOO! u seriously have to do something about ur entry man... :| rag3ha shway, cuz ur stocks are seriously dippnig with the ladies

10:32 AM  
Blogger Edrak said...

stocks ?
please dont mention this name :P
Moreover, i dont have to know whats the price of my stocks with ladies.. i look for opinions and i dont care if ur a girl or a boy ... they are all the same ot me ..
Isnt this 7eqooq el mar2a ?
Ka hathey mosawat bel 6ar7 ... and dont act like im the gentleman

12:26 PM  
Blogger buteej said...

no3ik: true it is wrong bs shinsawe, la o ni6ray ra7 etshofeena one day me and aykay and tabarak having kabaab for su7oor, talk abt thirst the next day ;p

scarlo: number five is one of kuwaiti women's best creations ;p i love those home made desserts ;D

doOoda: i hear ya man, and sadly i've been there and having McD's for fu6oor sucks ;(

tabarak:(wohoo) lol fatzilla! so girls get punished by getting fat? ;p and what guys get punished by going bald? ;p
hehe dont listen to him girls we luv ya all the same fat or skinny, short or tall, not blond though, kuwaiti girls pls pls give up on the outragous hair color and be real ;)

4:19 PM  

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