Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Lying is shame
Neglect the Moralities;
It’s a Case of sin
And sickened Causalities
You in thee accumulating
Always be sure
Condensing acts Increases anxieties
Don’t Realize you’re above societies
God has rules and Hell Shall be
If rules are broken
Suffer your liabilities
He gave access to Heaven Keys
Easy the way nothing o seek
Just Increase assets with Heavy moralities
Last always but never the least
In honesty,
No one plays hide and seek


Blogger albandry said...

well said edrak

happ b day aykay

10:12 AM  
Anonymous ScarlO said...

I like that. Your diction is a bit too jaw-aching as i like to say. I mean, or a poem at least, no offence whatsoever..
But anyways that also has to dow ith my taste in music & how things sound, and .. yeah, so back to the poem..
You made pretty good points there, and yet you always find peopelw ho enjoy playing hide & seek..

9:06 PM  
Blogger White Wings said...

keys to heaven is in your heart, trust me :)

12:05 PM  
Blogger Edrak said...

Thanks all

Scarlo i wrote this poem in a rage and it took me 10 minutes, thats my style lool as a Bum this is the consequence

white Wings

فألهمها فجورها و تقواها

It is in our hearts therefore we have the keys

2:51 PM  

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